Analytical Laboratory Services

Extractables & Leachables

We have extensive experience in polymer analysis and are experienced at designing and conducting appropriate studies to assist with both regulatory and process concerns. Aspen is a GLP compliant and ISO accredited laboratory and utilizes ISO 17025 validated test methods when appropriate for extractables testing.

Materials Characterization

Our testing capabilities enable us to characterize most materials used in the fabrication of products available to industry and the general public. Mechanical and physical properties, polymers (plastic and elastomeric), product design construction, metallurgical properties, failure analysis, foreign material analysis, trace analysis and compound analysis are some of the many tests that we are able to perform.

Testing Method Capabilities

Comprehensive method development and validation can be designed for a full range of analytical techniques. In additon to custom methods, we are experienced at identifying and applying ASTM and USP test methods. We specialize in testing materials for compliance with Containers - Plastics <661> and Pharmaceutical Packaging/Delivery <1663> and <1664>.

Analytical Laboratory Equipment

Our wide variety of high performance analytical instrumentation enables us to provide quality testing on the following platforms: Thermal Analysis, Mechanical Testing, Rheology, Viscosity Analysis, Moisture, Chromatography, Metals Analysis, Materials Characterization and Imaging.

Food Contact, Offgassing and Off Odors

Our team conducts studies to assess the amount of specified target compounds that move from the packaging system into a food simulant under the prescribed conditions set forth by the FDA. We also perform off gassing and off odors studies that can be customized to your specific product and situation.

Litigation Support

Our team of degreed scientists provides high quality independent laboratory analysis, customized reports, depositions and expert witness testimony. Our ability to implement standard or custom test methods makes us a strategic resource.