Bio-based replacements for petroleum-based polymers used in food packaging, print and signage, home health care and medical products.

ARCbio – A Different Kind of Plastic

ARCbio products are formulated with polylactic acid (PLA), a sustainable biopolymer, and have been modified to enhance their performance and extend the range of possible applications.

Environmentally Conscious

According to PLA manufacturer NatureWorks; PLA produces 80% less greenhouse gases and uses 52% less non-renewable resources in its manufacturing process. See charts below for a comparison to traditional, petroleum-based polymers.

The Difference is in the Formulation

ARCBio products contains 85% to 97% percent PLA, bio-based additives and 3% to 15% natural fillers. This greatly reduces its overall impact to the environment over traditional polymers when compared to PE, HDPE, PP, Styrene, PVC and other non-renewable materials. Products are sold as masterbatches, currently in the grades below.

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