Extrusion Compounding

Here at Aspen Materials, we are determined to provide superior quality custom plastic compounds to our customers. For this reason, we utilize  high quality twin-screw extrusion compounding technology.

Aspen Materials offers a highly versatile, scalable modular design for our extrusion compounding. This allows us to develop materials and production scale-up, from concept to commercialization. We start at the initial proof-of-concept on our lab scale equipment, and next go onto pilot scale trials. Once we finalize the exact plastic compound you are looking for, Aspen Materials can then manufacture the quantity you need.
We have three scales of twin-screw compounding available: 30mm, 58mm and 72mm. Aspen Materials has the flexibility to run small lot specialty compounds of just several pounds, to large scale commercial campaigns with a current capacity of 25 million pounds annually. 

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Capabilities and Equipment

We have an extensive range of material handling and processing equipment available. Please contact us for specific inquiries, if what you need is not listed below.

  • Twin-Screw Extrusion Compounders
    • 30mm ( 27:1 - 42:1 L/D )
    • 58mm ( 39:1 - 64:1 L/D )
    • 72mm ( 36:1 - 48:1 L/D )
  • Single Screw Extruders (Tandem Setups with Compounders)
    • 4.5in Single Screw ( 6:1 L/D )
    • 8.0in Single Screw ( 6:1 L/D )
  • Assorted Gravimetric and Volumetric Feed Systems
    • Capable of most delivered material formats
    • Automated convey systems
    • Gravity, side and vent stuffing capabilities
    • Bag, Box, Super Sack and Drum Unloading Capabilities
  • Auxiliary Compounding Equipment
    • Atmospheric and Vacuum Devolitization
    • Twin Bolt Screen Changers
    • Melt Pumps
  • Pelletization Options
    • Strand Cutting (Belt or Waterbath)
    • Underwater Pelletizing
    • Hot Die Face Pelletizing
    • Pellet Classification
  • Pack-Out Options
    • Bulk Boxes and Bags
    • Kraft Bags
    • Liquid Drums and Pails
  • Application Support
    • 85T Injection Molding Machine (with ASTM Physical Test Mold)
    • 1.25” Extrusion Line with Sheet Dies and 3-Roll Stack
    • 3/4" Brabender Extruder with Optional Fusion Bowl Attachment

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