Food Contact, Migration, Challenge Testing

Food Contact

All materials that come in contact with food should be tested to ensure that they are safe. Additionally, packaging must be functioning optimally to maintain the integrity and quality of its contents. Aspen can customize testing that is unique to your product and packaging and the situations that they present. Partnering with a laboratory such as Aspen can help you to safely and effectively package your product while minimizing cost and helping to protect and grow your brand.


Migration is the process of compounds leaching from the packaging into a food or beverage. While there are many plastic compounds that are approved for use as a food contact material, they are still subject to Food Contact regulations. For plastic materials, two types of migration limits have been established in Commission Regulation (E.U.) No.10/2011. The Overall Migration Limit (OML) applies to the sum of all substances that can migrate from the food contact material to the food. This is a measure for the inertness of the material. A Specific Migration Limit (SML) applies to an individual substance and is based on toxicological studies. The presence of these substances in food is identified by analytical techniques. All packaging is capable of leaching chemicals into food products. While plastics are often the culprits, paper, foil, glass and ceramic containers can also permit migration. Sometimes, it may be a seal or the liner that must be tested.

Off Odors

Our laboratory can identify what ingredients in your product are giving off unwanted chemical odors. After an assessment of underlying key indicators, Aspen will design the appropriate testing strategy for your unique situation.


Offgassing or Outgassing is a natural process of releasing volatile chemicals from many manufactured products. Making sure that these substances are safe for humans is critical. These studies are designed to determine what compounds and their concentrations volatilize from a material under variable conditions of time and temperature. 

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