Laboratory Equipment

Aspen has a diverse array of analytical instrumentation to address clients’ questions relating to materials used to fabricate their products. We work with all  of our clients to select the pertinent analytical platform(s) necessary to ensure they have the requisite data needed to make successful business decisions. 

Equipment by Platform

Thermal Analysis

  • DSC (differential scanning calorimetry), TA Instruments
  • TGA (thermal gravimetric analysis), TA Instruments
  • TMA (thermomechanical analysis), TA Instruments
  • DMA (dynamic mechanical analysis), TA Instruments

Mechanical Testing

  • Instron (tensile, elongation, modulus, flexure)
  • Ceast MFI (melt flow index)
  • Ceast HDT (heat deflection temperature)
  • Ceast VICAT (softening temperature)
  • Gardener Impact Tester
  • Atlas Dart Drop Impact Tester
  • Rockwell Hardness Testers (All Scales)
  • Micro Hardness Tester, Shimadzu (Knoop and Vickers, 15-1000 gram)


  • Ceast Capillary Rheometer
  • Rheometrics Dynamic Analyzer, RDA-II, parallel plate

Viscosity Analysis

  • Brookfield cone & plate (low viscosity)
  • Brookfield cone & plate (high viscosity)
  • Brookfield LVT


  • Karl Fischer, Mitsubishi Coulometric with oven attachment
  • Computrac, Arizona Instruments Vapor Pro


  • IC (anions, cations and weak organic acids)
  • Preparation HPLC
  • LC/MS
  • GPC
  • HPLC (triple quad)
  • GC/FID
  • GC/TCD
  • GC/MS
  • GC/MS with Frontier multishot
  • EGA/Pyrolizer-3030D
  • GC/MS with Gerstel TDS
  • GC/MS with Large volume sampler
  • GC/MS with HS auto sampler
  • GC/MS with PAL system (multi-tools for liquids, HS and SPME analysis)

Metals Analysis

  • ICP-MS
  • WDXRF, Rigaku Supermini 200
  • EDS, Noran, Light Element Detector and Beryllium Window

Materials Characterization

  • HP UV-Visible Diode Array Spectrometer
  • TOC, Tekmar Dohrman Phoenix 8000 Analyzer
  • Princeton Applied Research (ASTM F2129, Cyclic Potentiodynamic Polarization)
  • FTIR (Thermal Nicolet with Microscope, Diamond ATR capabilities)
  • Gas Pycnometer, Micromeritics AccuPyc 1330
  • Contact Angle, PGX Pocket Goniometer
  • Particle Size Analyzer, AccuSizer 780, USP 788


  • Digital Photography
  • Polarized Light
  • Optical Microscopy with Digital Camera
    • Stereo up to 40X
    • Reflected Light 50X to 1,000X, Bright Field, Dark Field & Polarized
    • Transmitted Light 50X to 400X, Bright Field & Polarized
  • SEM, Hitachi S-3000N, Variable Pressure
  • Image Analysis

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